"Music is my passion and that´s what I live for. I´m glad to be able to share this gift and spread joy to people".

Allowing guests to be met by soft and pleasant live music that enhances the other senses of flavours and smells creates another dimension of the experience at your place. A mobile glossy black grand piano also provides a great impact in the interior. Exclusive and modern yet genuinely and rustically. This is a mobile grand that can be moved by simplicity wherever you wish.

The music does not disturb the conversation, but gives a good atmosphere that guests will remeber and want to relive. Therefore I attach a great importance to a well-adatpted repertoire. It starts with soft backgroundmusic and then we rock the place, with exclusive backtracks and a whole lot of Rock n´Roll and great dancemusic to fill the dancefloor.

Being able to use any outdoor areas as well on the verandas, balcony, lawns, by the pool etc. with

Thomas Pianobar is a big plus and creates additional volume for music & entertainment.

With 20 years in the music industry and a solid track record, you can trust that it will be a successful event when you hire Thomas and his Pianobar. Entertainment is a craft that is to be built from scratch and Thomas really knows how to build a nice atmosphere around the wing on the grand.  With his swingin´ pianostyle, his soulful voice and his genuine joy to the music you will have a great moment. From stripped mingling to larger events.